Susan Stairs TV3 Interview
Interview on Ireland Am (video – click to view)

RTE Radio 1Arena Interview (audio – click to listen back)
Susan spoke to Maeve McDonnell for ‘With comparisons to The Lovely Bones and a voice so affecting that it stays with you long after the page, it’s no surprise that Susan Stairs, The Story of Before is sweeping readers off their feet… ’

Female First
Susan talks about inspiration, setting and how studying for her Creative Writing Masters affected her writing.

‘What can you tell us about your new book The Story of Before? The story is told from the point of view of Ruth Lamb, a perceptive young girl who recalls her family’s move to Hillcourt Rise, a housing estate outside Dublin, and the chain of events that ultimately lead to tragedy…’
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Susan talks to fellow debut author Janet E Cameron about the difficult and surprising things she encountered while writing The Story of Before. ‘1) What is your name? What is your quest?’
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Kate Lord Brown
Susan chats to Kate. ‘Q Welcome, Susan – and congratulations on the publication of your debut novel. How does it feel?’
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